The Prieles Booklet

That Saved Our World?

One Person, One Group at A Time.

When your World is Saved Cross out the ?


The Greatest Story Yet To Be Told

The Story Of Freeing Our Vast Potential

and Claiming the Wisdom and Wealth of Our Heritage


This is A Call For You, Our Greatest Writers,
 Thinkers, Visionaries and Leaders To write your
Headling Story breaking free of our destructive
systems using "Self Evident Truth"

This is living one's most daring life adventure

Now it is about all out empowering each other


This is a call to write

The Book That Saved Our World?

This booklet is the first pass of our challenge.

We Are All Living A Story
It Is Time For A New Story

Before We Self-destruct!


This Is an EPIC for Our Time

Extraordinary Pinnacles In Creation

Evolutionary Prosperity In Consciousness
Establishing Prosperity In Communities


Compiled By:
Thomas Pleasure

Carrying on for Thomas Pain


 With This Booklet it is certain, we can be living

our ultimate life adventure and win

before we get there, for the win is the process.


Within Is Our Winning Process.

With thisBooklet That Can Be Free
You Can Secure Your Living Requirements

With The

Cornucopia Kit

Evolving Enrichment Circles
We Have Everything We Need to Win Our World.


 First we must know what it means personally
for Our World to Be Saved or we will not

have our win.


Few are aware they are living the old story:
The King and the Serfs.


This Booklet is about our new story of

claiming our personal vast potential and  wealth,
from money in our pockets to Love and Pride
in our hearts
This Will Absolutely Amaze Most People.

Nothing short of breaking our spell about what we are and understanding the Mystery and Magic of Money can create our win.

Most will be amazed at the actual magnitude of our Greatest Personal Gift and also Our Greatest Treasure that is waiting to be claimed in our new story by:


Waking Up Rich In Every Regard

Discovering The Obvious


Breaking The Spell


Breaking the Spell

right up front we risk losing you.

 “Always tell only the truth, and all the truth, and do so promptly – right now.” —Buckminster Fuller


“I’m a firm believer in the American people. 
If given the truth, they can be depended upon
 to meet any national crisis. The great point is to
 bring them the facts.”   Abraham Lincoln


First, each of us must have the information
 to save our own Personal World


This means breaking free of mainstream media, kicking our destructive programs that are in our minds and getting out of identity crises.


Saving our own personal world is our most personal taking charge, revaluating what it means to be successful and fulfilled.  Not how you were programmed to believe what it takes to be successful and fulfilled, rather what does it really mean to you personally.


This is also about having the greatest benefit of knowing and acting on what it means to be relevant and on point for our time.


“We shall require a substantially new manner
of thinking, if mankind is to survive.”
                                                  Albert Einstein

(See Inside Back Cover for what this new thinking may be.)

"Whatever America hopes to bring to pass in the world must first come to pass in the heart of America."  
President General Dwight David Eisenhower


It is no secret.   It does not take an Einstein and Eisenhower to know that by not changing our minds and hearts and  continuing with business as usual, we will not only not win civilization, we will end civilization.


They are revealing that a whole new way of thinking and being is required if we are to stay in evolution.


If you look at the magnitude of  having every major system from the economy to our ecology in self-destruct, the problem is overwhelming.

You may know or suspect that our destruction is actually led by those leading our elected servant leaders.


The fact that we have not changed our self-destruct direction shows that we cannot turn it around with our present way of thinking and the actions being played out in our corrupt political system.
Jefferson said, “Political parties are by their nature corruptive.” 


We may now be getting the last chance to think for ourselves.


 "I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever, in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else, where I was capable of thinking for myself. Such an addiction is the last degradation of a free and moral agent. If I could not go to heaven but with a party, I would not go there at all." --Thomas Jefferson to Francis Hopkinson, 1789. ME 7:300


To get the right answers we must first find the right questions.

It must look so overwhelming that not enough of us are bothering to ask questions needed to find out what the new way of thinking and being  is that motivates simple wisdom action.


The “new manner of thinking” required for our time may be easy:  ESI  Embrace Self Integrity and     Enlightened Self Interest


Or it may be complex:


“The problem is not so much what we do not know as it is

what we know that is not true.” 

Roger Walsh, M.D. PhD

We were programmed to be ashamed of not knowing.  We label things giving them names so we think we know what they are.

Being an adult is going around thinking or pretending we know, so we close the door to knowing enough to claim our greatness that we all possess.


First, We Must Be Aware that most of what we think we know about ourselves has us in a fatal identity crises.


Thus, to find our necessary new way of thinking and being we must be aware of who is doing the thinking.  This is not esoteric.  This is most practical for
claiming our greatness, or for having any future at all for ourselves and humanity.


 Now Know What We Are: 

(The best choice I have seen is on the inside back back cover of this Booklet.) 


You are not a who.  Who you are is what you do. 

Notice and celebrate every day the miracle you are by living in pure love gratitude for the awareness of being able to appreciate what has taken eternity to evolve.  Anything evolving for that long must be a big deal.  


We have the awe and wonder EPIC of all time for the awareness of it.

You know you are the most powerful person in the world for effecting your life.  You are not a who or a somebody.


The who and somebody you are reflects a pittance of what you really are. What you are is a unique never happened before and never to happen again master creation of pure unique potential, You are a gift to our world from:
     The Supreme Creative Life Force Of All Of Creation.


Thus, you are connected at the highest level of creation we are aware of.  It is time to use this connection and break free of our destructive programming. 


Not only are you greater than you think you are, you are greater than you can think.


It will take a new awareness and a new personal story of your
creating, to claim the wealth of your heritage and your greatness.


Having sustainable success and fulfillment is not about what we have, where we are or what we are doing.  Our win is being in the winning process that is supported in Enrichment Circles or whatever intimate support group you wish to create with the information provided in this Booklet and  the free:
 Enrichment Circle Note Book

It is easy to know and feel the creative spark within us, being our conscious connection to The Supreme Creative Life Force of All Creation. This is

our most intimate connection with our greatest good,.


It is now or never to use our connecting and creativity for opening the 

90% of our potential behavioral scientists say we are not using and acknowledge what Buckminster Fullers revealed in his book Utopia or Oblivio,. being our only choice.  As Einstein observed a new way of thinking is required for our survival.  If you are a scholar you may want to study Fullers new way of thinking. Einstein was inspired by Fuller. 



 Nothing is blocking us from our greatness and actually creating utopia except our unfortunate self imposed mental programming that we easily blame on others.


We acknowledge Einstein's awareness that to survive we need a “substantially new way of thinking.” This is blocked by what the Sufi, Iban Arabi, called "our enormous capacity for self-deception" -- and our simple desire to maintain things as they are.”


Now we Break The Spell, shake ourselves free and create our new and collective life stories reflecting the reality of what we truly be as opposed to how we were programmed to believe.


Overview Of Our Choosing
Our Ultimate Win or Demise


We no longer have the option of just muddling through, with the wealthiest of us muddling through in style.  Muddling through is what we do if we continue using less than ten percent of our potential as we are and we are not living our evolving divine life of being on point and relevant for our time.


In our Greatest Story Yet To Be Told we are now playing out the greatest EPIC Drama of all recorded history. We do not need to wait to win or lose.  We have already lost in our personal world if we are still under control of media mind manipulation that says winning in life is about doing and getting, when the only real sustainable win is in the opposite, the being and the giving.


We win right now by Cracking The Cult Code and Riding The Wave of Destiny that Is The Wave of Wisdom.  We find all we need for our win in those free WordMaps and this Booklet That Saved our World? 
Using The Delphi Method with all of this assures our win.


Most must really know on some level that our ego centered greed and illusion of separation and being in identity crises has come to the point of destroying us all or catapulting us to be living our greatest visions of paradise on our planet.  That is our choice right now, not later, as Bucky Fuller revealed in his book.

Utopia or Oblivion.


Now we Break The Spell of media mind manipulation
and Break The Spell of thinking we are a who or somebody!


We can now claim our unique pure potential, divine self and be the leaders we have been waiting for.  This is our sustainable win we have been waiting for.


We Discover The Obvious, that our rigged, sinister political system has us in self-destruct.


We  Discover The Obvious that our highest enlightened truth is now the highest law of our land, so we can now Wake up Rich in every regard by embracing Our Now Age Of Compassion and Wisdom that is the highest evolving of humanity from Barbaric to Civilized  With our Win encapsulated in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Our High Morality that gives us our greatest wealth on every level is now the Highest law of our land.  Amazingly
all we need to do is come alive, be informed and elect and require leaders to uphold the highest law of our land our Constitution,


Now We Live Our Sustainable Win
 by being in our winning process provided in our
Caring Evolving Enrichment Circles or whatever you want to call your support groups.

We can no longer be polite and pretend we have a democracy and honorable political system with most of us not voting for who we want and not checking to see if who we are voting for is upholding our Constitution.  This is our demise.


Now we have what is needed to go all out celebrating getting to know our neighbors giving them this Booklet and pledging to each other to never again vote for a political Party candidate unless they have a proven voting record of upholding our Constitution.  There are only a few and we can support them running as independents so we never again  need to vote for a political party candidate..


Again: Jefferson said, “Political parties by their nature, are corruptive.”  These are special interest groups not working for us all.


" The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to the point where it becomes stronger than the democratic state itself. That in its essence is fascism - ownership of government by an individual, by a group or any controlling private power. " - President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Now we evolve our Social Integrity Agenda in this Booklet with our neighbors and find the best of us to run for office as publicly funded independent candidates,  (The majority of us now are independent.)  Let us ensure that we are all registered to vote and really know the candidates by their record. Join The League of Women Voters.


Lee Iacocca said,  "In a completely rational society, the best of us would be teachers and the rest of us would have to settle for something less."


I would add to this, that in a completely rational society our Government Representatives that would be our Elected  Servant Leaders would also need to be the best of us.


It is now imperative that we have a rational society, or one that is not silly, sinister stupid self-destructive.


There is so much to distract us from our upwising.  I was lost in the  game of focus on our Federal Government that is most likely not really savable. 


Our victory is in now focusing on our States and knowing and claiming our future one Republic at a time.  In this Booklet, see “Completing Our American Revolution” and The California Challenge inspired by North Dakota being one of the three solvent states and being the only State that has their own bank to create needed funding,  We will find our win in our individual sovereignty in our States being a Republic.


Focusing on the now lost Federal Level left me not having time for the prize of our sovereignty that is in our Republic.


I admit I did not know if the judges and sheriffs I voted for were pledged to be

Oath Keepers  or if they would be committing a crime by not informing the jury that the law is on trial as much as the person, I did not even know much about our state elected servant leaders or our state political system.  I had not even read our State Constitution,  


If you might think knowing about this and taking action is boring, know that embracing self=respect, transforming Revolution into Evolution is never boring.



We do not need new laws.  If new laws were the answer, with about three thousand of them created every year we would have won our American Dream by now.  All we need is a social system to enforce our Constitution,

focusing on our  State Governments ensuring our sovereignty and compensating for our Federal Government not upholding our Constitution,.


The money powers are not very concerned with what the laws are in that they have the power to ignore or enforce the laws effecting them.


You will find that our criminal justice system is criminal as a result of those

Controlling the creation of money.  Effectually they are robbing

us and destroying our life support system, our  environment.


This is why it is urgent that we elect state and local leaders that will enforce

Fully Informed Juries and Judicial Accountability in Law (JAIL) for Judges.


With all the support needed being here

we join together, freeing our full potential to live our greatest life

adventure of sustainable fulfillment.  We are
living in the winning process of our support groups,
with each of us pledged to be what it takes to make it.


Now we Live Our Winning Stories.
he Story of How Civilization Was Won.

It is vital that we are all evolving, being relevant
for our time and on point for humanity

Then We Claim and Benefit from Our Greatness:


Know right now that you are relevant and on point for your life. We can only be doing what we need to learn.  Life is all about learning.  If you did not need to be learning what you are from what you are doing, you would be doing something else. Thus you are always relevant and on point for your life.


Our Most Important Question and Answer For Our Time

The Big Question To Ask Ourselves.


In view of the reality that humanity has every system in self-destruct, from our economy to our ecology, including the family and at the same time we have absolutely everything needed except the leadership and cooperation to create sustainable liberty, justice and prosperity for all; what does humanity need to be doing right now to be relevant for our time and on point?


Think about that question, and read it again, it is the big one.


When you come up with your answer own that you are part of humanity, so you qualify to have the greatest rewards life can offer by having the benefit of continually up-leveling what your answer is and taking action on your highest awareness of what it would be for you to be relevant for our time and on point from the standpoint of humanity.


 If you do not find your answers in this booklet, then embrace the wealth the actiona provides in this booklet until you come up with a better up-leveling of what it means for you to be relevant for our time and on point from the standpoint of humanity.


Send your ideas to be added to this Booklet to us as your participation
in the Delphi Method and the energy of it can be published in:
The Book That Saved Our World?
This can create the story of how civilization was won.


Sharing  A Very Personal Story

Our Power is Moved with our set progam for survival selfish self interest and our set program for carring and connecting.

When a critical mass of us come together feeling that life is sacred and
we are all one huanity we can focus our selfish self centered on hymanity.
for survival and Prosperity. The fource is with us. This is our win.



 This Booklet Launch is On July 4th 2016

Claim Our Wisdom
And Wealth




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