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Happy Fourth of July Every Day
By: David J. Harris

From now on combined, with Valentines Day,
this is my most favorite celebration.
This celebration I will embellish and live
every day for the remainder of my life

This is living in the expressed gratitude and love
for our amazing Founding Fathers.


I can feel the exhilaration swelling up in me for living the
spirit of our American Dream, the highest aspiration of our visionaries and the common people, for
Justice and
Freedom with the opportunity
for the pursuit of happiness for all.


This is the greatest functional manifestation
of love that we have ever experienced.

Our resulting Constitution of
The United States of America is the highest
functional evolving of humanity from
barbaric to civilized


Not paying attention, we may have functionally
lost this, our greatest gift and treasureit.


Our Declaration of Independence
In CONGRESS, July 4, 1776

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. --That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.”………………………………………………………….

This Declaration along with our resulting Constitution of the United States with Bill of Rights is the highest
functional evolving of humanity.

Did a chill run up and down your spine
when you learned about the creation of the
Constitution of the United States of America? 

For most of us: Boring, Boring, Boring
because we were not infused with the
or reality of our American Heritage.  

Our Heritage inspired the world to legally embrace
what we are losing, that honors the dignity and worth
of each human being, regardless of race, gender or religion.
Our Heritage also amazingly subordinates
our governance to “We the People.”

Our American Dream inspired the world to embrace this great evolving for all of humanity through The Universal Declaration of Human Rights that is the law of most nations. It is the most translated document ever, being translated into over 300 languages.

This power passion and Wisdom of our Heritage
is presented in Nobel Peace Lauralet
Jimmy Carter's foreword to thebook:
The International Bill of Human Rights.
Entwhistle Books

This, as with the entire web site, and where
it goes can inspire us individually and collectively
to rise to the fulfillment of our greatness

We are the first people to have the benefit of
functional enlightenment in governance.
We are losing it and few have noticed.

By the time enough notice, it may be too late.

 Thomas Jefferson said:

"The happiness and prosperity of our citizens
is the only legitimate object of government."

"In order to keep the government honest
it is  necessary to have a revolution
at least once every twenty years."

   Obviously we are over due. All we need to do is remove the R from Revolution and make it an Evolution. Thus we all win with
Enlightened Self Interest.

  In a revolution, it just revolves and those on the top
go to the bottom. This is not progress or evolution

By only electing a President with a proven record of
Upholding the Constitution of the USA
We All Win.

This Activates Our Greatness

There are only two candidates for President with a proven record of upholding our Constitution. Can you find them and vote for them? They are the ones main-stream media shuts out for they would end business-as-usual.
To find our major personal benefits go to:

This opens the door to what must prove to be our
Most Major Motivation for doing anything.

You will see how this is most personal, major
money in our pockets

and we can end our economic and ecological self-destruct.

To accomplish this we must end business-as-usual in our government by electing the media shut-out candidates who have a proven record of upholding our Constitution.

Get the word out to vote in the Primary Election for the two candidates who have a record of upholding our Constitution.

Our servant elected leaders now have most of the world seeing our beloved America being the Evil Empire.

Having the highest aspirations even in the objective in
for our treasonous elected servant leaders, we
want fair compassionate trials for their crimes against
humanity and our earth.


Crimes Against Nature. by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

In that, the word objective slipped in, we the common people must all take responsibility, for we are truly legally the government responsible for these crimes. Thus we will not mutilate, mangle and murder our leaders as they have done to thousands of innocent children, mothers, and fathers. We will not take their money as they have stolen from us by perpetuating the Fraudulent Federal Income Tax and the Fraudulent Federal Reserve.

We will just embrace or self esteem and integrity and never again elect servant leaders who have betrayed “We The People” in the greatest atrocity crimes against our citizens,
humanity and our earth.

Thus in that the word objective slipped into our indictment, we can invoke amnesty for all and now only vote for proven candidates who uphold our contract with them, The Constitution of The United States of America. Can you find who they are?

We now know the power of the position of our President.
For now, forget about the Congress. By our President just enforcing our Constitution this will look like a miracle has occurred when we see the results.

This amazingly includes major personal
wealth for all of us

Our greatest fulfillment is fulfilling our
essence noble purpose by collectively
upholding the highest functional evolving of humanity, that provides the greatest foundation for our infinite potential of love creating.

This is The Constitution of
The United States of America.

Few have noticed that the greatest
noble purpose calling for our time
is ending our Constitutional Crises.

Essence Self, proclaim yourself to be
A Constitutional Ambassador,
embracing the great noble purpose of
securing humanity’s greatness for
love evolving. We accomplish this by
getting the good news out that is at

A good introduction to the great
vital urgent good news
to proclaim far and wide can be found at




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