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The fate of America is being determined by Nancy Pelosi and San Francisco Citizens of our 8 th Congressional District.



Unless Nancy Pelosi moves on Impeachment of George W. Bush now, history may show that Nancy Pelosi enabled Bush to void our greatest protection - our Constitution - and establish a Military-Industrial Dictatorship.


Few know that Bush has functionally established control of our government by the Military-Industrial complex of which President General Eisenhower alerted us in his farewell address, in 1961. http://votewin.us/Eisenhower.htm



HR. 1258 to Impeach President Bush for high crimes and misdemeanors, lists thirty five (35) impeachable charges. Not impeaching, we are accomplices to the gravest crimes of our time. Sign on to Impeach at www. Kucinich .us



Unless Bush's impeachment is initiated, Congress will have approved a
Military-Industrial Dictatorship in power
to control whomever we elect as President.



Beginning impeachment sends a clear message to our citizens and the Military- Industrial Dictatorship that any President who does not uphold our Constitution will be removed from office.


By withholding funding for the war and moving on Impeaching President Bush, Congressperson Nancy Pelosi could have stopped our criminal unconstitutional war, and end the destruction of the lives of millions of people.

Nancy Pelosi could start restoring our Constitution that is our contract with our servant-elected leaders. This Contract insures Freedom and Justice for all, establishing our leaders' purpose for government as stated by
Thomas Jefferson:
"The happiness and prosperity of our citizens is the only legitimate object of government."


Most citizens would be amazed at their personal benefit if our President enforced our Constitution.


Cindy Sheehan told Nancy Pelosi that unless she moved the impeachment process and stopped funding the criminal war, Cindy would challenge her position by running for Congress in her 8 th Congressional District.

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We Must Take Action Now!

If we are to save America and perhaps the world, we must start impeaching Bush now, Impeachment sends a powerful message to the 'criminal' Military-Industrial Dictatorship that any elected official violating the Constitution will be removed from office.


Our hope now rests in the cooperative actions of our educational institutions, our religious groups and our ecological and social justice groups.

Community organizations can alert our citizens to stop the gravest danger of our time. By law these groups can't promote a candidate. We do have the moral responsibility to get the urgent message out to our citizens about action that must be taken if we are to save ourselves. Impeach President Bush.

We must also establish transparent verifiable elections.

It is most vital to know the source of our information . One source you can trust is Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. He was Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury during the Reagan Administration. He is a former Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal, a 16-year columnist for Business Week . He has held numerous university professorships, including the William E. Simon Chair, Georgetown University and Senior Research Fellow, Hoover Institute, Stanford University.

He has called for Impeaching Bush.


Following is the end of Dr. Roberts Article August 20, 2008
Are you ready for Nuclear War?

"In order to keep the billions of dollars in profits flowing to its contributors in the US military-security complex, the Bush Regime has rekindled the cold war.  As American living standards decline and the prospects for university graduates deteriorate, 'our' leaders in Washington commit us to a hundred years of war.

If you desire to be poor, oppressed and eventually vaporized in a nuclear war, vote Republican." (Republican) Dr. Paul Craig Roberts http://countercurrents.org/roberts200808.htm

Also read Dr. Roberts' article,
Who Will Save America?
My Epiphany


Courageous California Congresspersons signing on
to HR. 1258 to Impeach President Bush for high crimes and misdemeanors are:
Sam Farr (CA-17), Barbara Lee (CA-9) and Lynn Woolsey (CA-6)

Starting Impeachment will record which representatives designate themselves accomplices
to the gravest crimes of our time.

Nancy Pelosi blocking Impeachment is on record.



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