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We are responsible for our
servant elected leaders.

Out of self respect and integrity the minimum
we must do is see to it that any candidate that has not voted to Impeach or has voted to fund the criminal Unconstitutional war
never gets elected again.

They are lucky if they are not tried for
Crimes Against Humanity.

First we must know the crimes we will be accountable for if we do not take action to Impeach George W. Bush and Cheney. Read carefullyIf you are not taking action you are with Bush.   If you are with him, read the charges so you can develop your defense. 
This is top priority for those choosing to be relevant for our time. Stupid, and Political Considerations are not a defense.


Articles of Impeachment for
President George W. Bush,
Vice President Richard B. Cheney and others,
for high crimes and misdemeanors.


“We The Peoples” Practical Plan For
Restoring Our Constitution

If we all spread this news
far and wide

our Presidential candidate
most likely wins the
White House, or for sure
wins in our Internet
Virtual Reality Governance
being established
this web site

To our evolving pledge...

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