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Thomas Jefferson said:

"The happiness and prosperity
of our citizens
is the only legitimate object
of government."


Yes! Thomas,
I Accept!

I love the idea of government
“Happiness and Prosperity.”

For “Happiness and Prosperity”
and I will add Integrity,

I am willing to give up my
face reality and
be practical
voteing in the
Primary Election for a
Democrat or Republican
Presidential Candidate
that will restore our
happiness and wealth
Pledging to Immediately Upon
election taking action to restore
our Constitution, starting
by ending the
Fraudulent Unconstitutional
Federal Income Tax.

After Seeing The Google Video
"Money As Debt I now know

that eliminating that fraudulent
tax need not take away any
service from me.

William Jennings Bryan said,
“When we have restored the money of the constitution, all other necessary reforms will be possible, but until this is done, there is no other reform that can be accomplished."

Thus our Presidential Candidate will pledge to
initiate the process to phase
into A Constitutional Monetary
System and phase out our
fraudulent Monetary System
That Has Us In Self-destruct
and has been stealing from us.

For example this can end us paying
two or three times for our homes
before we own them, for we would pay
little or nothing in fraudulent interest.
There are proven Presidential candidates that would enforce our Constitution. They are not the front-runners that are owned by the system desiring business as usual.

Further, We require our
“We The People’s”Candidate
to pledge to end war using
Diplomacy and Wisdom.
This would be to raise the pay and prestige of the Industrial Military Complex by evolving it into being
Uncle Sam's Construction Company
creating war in reverse.

To Accomplish this and
other reforms desired
participate at our

"WE The People's" Contract
for our 2008 Presidential

Research Will Show You That

As long as we continue with our fraudulent
Monetary And Military System
we are ALL just busy
rearranging our deck chairs on the Titanic.

It will not take much research to
substantiate this.



If We Do Not Elect a
"We The People's"

Pledged Candidate in
the Primary Election
We will not have a Presidential Candidate
To Vote For

We will expand this site to make it
easy to
know the facts about all
Servant Elected Leaders
we vote for.

Spread the Good News
To Insure Success.

I Pledge to Participate
In Our

“We The Peoples” Practical Plan
For Upholding Our Constitution
And Claiming Our Wealth




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