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Claiming Our Greatest Gift

Claiming Our Greatest Treasure

This Is Claiming our Wealth
On Every Level

From money in our pockets to pride and love in our hearts

Together with Enrichment Circles
we are creating the way
to claim our Greatest Gift and Our Greatest Treasure


Our Greatest Gift is our unique life
of pure vast untapped potential.

Our Greatest Treasure Is Our
American Declaration of Independance, Constitution with Bill of Rights
and our Universal Delcaration of Human Rights.


That Treasure Is The Foundation

providing the greatest opportunity to have the benefit of using
our greatest gift, our life and vast untapped personal potential

That foundation secured “We The People”

Being Sovereign Citizens,
with the government subservient to
"We the People"

Thus Providing the Greatest
Opportunity To Fulfill Our Great Potential

The happiness and prosperity of our citizens is the only
 legitimate object of government. -
Thomas Jefferson

ACTION For Claiming
Our Life and our Wisdom

The integrity of our Action is having
the fulfillment
 of our vast potential.

You have noticed that when we are feeling real good about ourselves
we release and benefit from a lot of potential.
  When we are not feeling good about ourselves we can not release much potential.


When we are consciously or subconsciously feeling like victims or innocent bystanders
to the systems that are destroying us and our earth how good can we be feeling about ourselves?


This accounts for the behavioral scientists agreeing that we are benefiting
from less than 10% of our potential.


Now we can feel great about ourselves by knowing we are no longer victims or innocent bystanders; for we have joined with an unstoppable win: our
VoteWin Initiative

We Win; They Win and our Earth Wins.


Thus, Feeling Great About Ourselves
we can embrace our full potential.

This Is Our Greatest GIFT
Along With
Our American Heritage.
This is A Miracle

This Embraces the EPIC Fulfillment
of Our Whole Being.

I can feel the exhilaration
swelling up in me for living the
spirit of our American Dream,
the highest aspiration of us all
for Responsible,Freedom, Compassionate Justice and the opportunity
for the pursuit of happiness for all. 

This is the greatest evolving of love expressed resulting in our
Constitution of the USA containing the Bill of Rights that through the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the law of the land
for most nations.

Few have noticed that we have functionally
lost it before most countries have fully
embraced it even though it is law.

In that this evolving is in our hearts
and spirit we may still claim it.

Our leaders have violated this most sacred trust of upholding their contract with
“We The People our Constitution that is the highest functional
evolving of humanity from barbaric to civilized.  
With few Americans noticing, this violation has created the
United States being seen as the Evil Empire by most of the world

Read a forward to the document that
is the Essence Of Our Gift for fulfillment.
This document sets the

Guinness World Record for
Most Translated Document,
Over 300 languages!


Reading this with our whole being can
vitalize us to save it while we can

Now we celebrate our integrity

World Integrity Now

Voice Of The Enlightened

World Integrity Now

Enter Action


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