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The Third Pass of the
Contract for our First Citizens' Contract President


When elected President of the United States of America, I will use my position to uphold this Contract.

My first focus will be to restore the Constitution of the United States of America and end our Constitutional Crisis. To facilitate restoring our Constitution, I will establish grassroots participatory responsive government that requires a servant leadership dedication.


I further acknowledge that the best investment our government can make is to be sure we are governing in accordance with the will of the majority of well-informed citizens.

We now know that our Presidency, the most powerful position in the world is too much of a burden and risk for a single person.  We need new welcomed accountability that restores our Constitutional protections, and governmental adherence to our national and international commitments to law.


To reinstate our Constitution the following will be established immediately upon inauguration:

Funding to carry out the provisions
of this contract will be created by phasing
into a Constitutional Monetary System.

1. As President of the United States, one of my first actions using executive orders is to establish a Grassroots Governing Group Consisting of the Contract President’s Circle, Citizens’ Congress and I will appoint the delegates to the National Party Presidential Convention to be Constitution Ambassadors in their communities This can be for the term of four years with Delegates participating in determining policy and program for being Community Ambassador. They can work with organizations such as Project Vote Smart http://www.vote-smart.org/ and The League of Women Voters. This is to ensure that we fulfill their most vital mission of fully informed registered voters and a secure hand counted paper ballot citizen voter certification.
The grass roots governance groups will all receive the same remuneration as U.S. Congressional Representatives.


2.  To establish a more perfect representation of "We the People"
and establish the position of President being more accountable I will establish the Presidents Circle consisting of presidential candidates that sign this Contract.  Their informal simple majority vote will be given top priority by the Presidency.

Also the three National Service Organization Presidents signing this contract that receive the highest number of votes from my Presidents Congress will be a member of my Presidents Circle.
All Cabinet positions will be filled with candidates that sign on and adhere to the
progressive criteria for the specific cabinet position at the Progressive Government Site. I will give top priority to filling cabinet positions from the top candidates nominated at: http://www.progressivegovernment.org/prog.php

The Presidents Circle will provide an oversight to insure cabinet positions are administered in
accordance with the progressive criteria established at the Progressive Government site.

3. The President's Citizens Congress will consist of the three hundred national community service organization past or present presidents, who participate in creating the Contract for the President of the United States. In addition to the activities in section 4 the Citizens Congress will: Recommend National Legislation and Budget to be reviewed for implementation assistance by the President's Circle.

4. The Grassroots Governing Groups being established will:

A. Research and recommend presidential appointments,
numbering about 7000.
B. Monitor for Constitutional compliance the activities of
the appointed positions.

C. Review existing executive orders for compliance with our Constitution and recommend new executive orders canceling
those that are repugnant to our Constitution.

D. Make recommendations to restore the Constitution of the
United States of America.

E. Ensuring establishing executive orders and other means to
establish this contract being effective and binding.

F. Use executive orders and other means for election reform.

G. Focus on and evolve the Industrial Military Complex to become
the Industrial Sustainable Building Complex.

H. Be responsible for evolving the functions of
the Grassroots Governing Groups.

5. I will insure that all Government Elected Officials know that we cannot end our self-destruction, unless we evolve into our Constitutional Monetary System.
Immediately upon taking office I will institute a plan to phase out of
our unconstitutional monetary system and reinstate our Constitutional System. The first phase of this, will be to immediately abolish the Unconstitutional Income Tax.

6. All executive orders that are repugnant to our Constitution will be
cancelled. All laws that are repugnant to our Constitution are not laws at all; they are just the color of law. Any one enforcing these fraudulent laws will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


7. A Judicial review will be established with power to remove judges for violating the law. All Judges will be required to upholding Supreme Court decisions stating that juries have the responsibility of judging the law as well as the facts and that the law is on trial as much as the person. Judges will be required to inform the juries of this duty.

8. All non-violent prisoners held in violation of common law will be liberated and generously remunerated for time spent in prison. 

9. The power of the President will divert the military budget by five percent the first year, ten percent the second year and fifteen percent the third year. These funds will be directed by the President’s Circle to establish the Industrial Military Complex having the added capacity to create war in reverse. This will be using state of the arts sustainable technology to build ecologically sociologically sustainable communities. An example of this strategy and technology can be found at https://env.cpp.edu/rs/rs and http://www.geni.org/

10. The President will use the full power of the office to create a Peace Academy. This Academy, among other responsibilities, will oversee the military conversion for the military capacity to create war in reverse.

11. The power of the Presidency will enable the establishment of judicial accountability in law. http://www.JAIL4judges.org/

12. The power of the Presidency will promote "one person one vote." The Constitution will be upheld providing total verifiable recounts in disputed elections. .

13. Legislation will be further initiated to establish that no election can be final until all the votes are counted. Funding will be provided for the League of Women Voters and other National Citizens non-partisan non-profit organizations to provide Citizen Certified Counting of all Votes.
Also I will support National Popular Vote Every Vote Equal.

14. The President’s Circle, Council, Citizens Congress and Communication Cabinet will establish and ensure funding for securing the Foundation of Democracy. This will provide a free Education For Living Program for all children ages one through seven and their parents. This program will be designed to teach the first basic three R’s. This is education for Relationships, Respect and Reverence for all life. This is education for life and high integrity.

15. Further ensuring the foundation for a government of, for and by the People, funding will be provided for Grassroots Democracy securing participatory responsive government. This will be to establish in every county Community Council of Consortiums and Coalitions. This will be for the purpose of fulfilling the League of Women Voters mission of ensuring citizens are registered to vote and their votes are counted and citizens have comprehensive information on candidates and issues.

16. As president, I will restore national integrity by United States participation in the United Nations, as a socially responsible supportive country.

17. I will support the National Presidential debates being returned to hosting by the League of Women Voters and all presidential candidates on the ballot in enough states to be elected will have equal time in the debates and equal free TV time equivalent to the highest paid TV time of candidates in past elections. 

18. In the event that the 2008 presidential election is corrupted at the voting place and voting results do not reflect our True Majority agenda electing me I will be the First Citizen’s Contract Complementary Internet President. I will work with those participating in creating this contract to define what a Complementary Internet President and Government will be. POWER TO CREATE

19. The full power of the President with the full support of the President’s Circle, Council, Citizens Congress and Communication Cabinet will participate in creating a Citizens Contract with our Congressmen and Senators—thus establishing our first Citizens Contract Government. 

20. To restore the Grassroots Governance of our nations early years I will support the vision of the United Nations Charter for a Peoples’ Assembly. I will fully support the Non-Governmental Organizations of the United States ' Participation with the UN to establish the Peoples' Assembly in the UN. http://www.earthrights.net/gpa/

21.  High priority will be given to implementing the Apollo Alliance Project creating three million new jobs establishing freedom from foreign oil. http://www.apolloalliance.org/

22.  The power of the Presidency will support the above contract and the Agendas of the True Majority that is The Progressive Majority Agenda. To Agenda

23 The foundation provided by Our Constitutional Monetary System
for the welfare of our Citizens can establish us having the best
Education and Health Care System In The World
I Pledge to insure this by initiating and funding
an initiative to have the benefits of "The Charter"

24. In filling Cabinet positions I will give priority to the
research work of The Progressive Government Org.






Signed by the next President of the United States and  the First Citizen's Contract President's Council (you select)

Please send your recommendations for our Contract to one of the categories below:

Please click on category for your suggestions.

1) The Contract arrangements for The Citizens Council, Citizens Congress and Communication Cabinet
2) Restoring our Constitution
3) Election Reform
4) Creating Grassroots Government
5) Creating Social Justice
6) Education
7) Health Care
8) Legal aspects of the Contract
9) The bottom line: We Win; They Win and Our Planet Wins

We will send you the updated Contract and information each time it is revised for your continued input.


This Contract will be circulated and revised until it rings clear with our wisdom like a Liberty Bell. Your recommendations for creating the contract are welcome and appreciated.



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