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Creating Our Contract President Support






Our Greatest Gift

Claiming Our Wealth
Voice Of The Enlightened
Is An Unstoppable Win
We Win They Win
and Our Earth Wins


Creating Our First Citizens
Contract President

As the Foundation for Creating
Our First Citizen’s Contract Government


Our Contract:
For Our First Citizens Contract President

We have a government of by and for the corporations, with the bottom line about
money, power and greed.
Now we create “We the Citizens”
contract government

starting with the President,
with the bottom line
being about Compassion and Wisdom.
That is about upholding our


Crises ~ Danger ~ Opportunity
It appears as though most people are unaware
or in denial of our Constitutional crisis.


Vote for
The Citizens Council, Congress and Communication Cabinet

Acknowledging the power, wisdom
and compassion of "We The People"

The foundation for prosperity and peace.



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