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Dynamic Discussion

Dynamic Dialogue is of Paramount Importance
With the Action Position of This Dialogue
can birth our Wisdom World

This is the beginning of using the amazing power

of the Delphi Process

Send your input and we will keep amending

and posting until we get an action plan

we know can change our self-destruct direction.


This is an invitation to explore potential benefit from the
next sustainable growth industry for the world.

The Foundation for Evolving Management (FEM) was being created as the catalyst for birthing this new industry that will be building Ecologically, Sociologically Sustainable Villages, and clusters of these villages, to create the cities of the future. Intrinsically this will be the greatest sustainable growth industry ever.

It will now be called FECAM Foundation for Evolving Citizens and Management. It will take the greatest Fee we can cum up with and a Cam is designed to change direction.
We must change direction engaging all stake holders.

Our first review of the Foundation for Evolving Management Prospectushas been made by Sanford R. Goodkin.
He has been involved in over
$50 billion worth of real estate development and studies. He is the pioneer of residential master planned communities. He is listed in the California Building
industry Hall of Fame. He is an internationally know analyst,
economist, author and futurist.

Sandy may be participating in the birthing of FECAM.
Of our Initiative he wrote:

"The Foundation for evolving Management is a great idea
whose time has come," and "The Ultimate Game Plan for Love, hmm, that's a big one, yet it is the only stepping stone
to change the world."

Enjoy the enclosed prospectus that can transform our lives.

David J. Harris


858 481-7751

The Prospectus follows:


10/15/06 Confidential. ***


Health Optimizing Institute

Prospectus on Creating A Healthy Profit

Expanding Visions and Ethics for Business.

Partnership in Pride

The next major sustainable growth industry can result from this initiative and launching event, creating

The Foundation for Evolving Management.

F. E. M. Now FECAM

Foundation For Evolving Citizens And Management

Executive Summary

The acronym FECAM is appropriatein that it will take the biggest Fee we can cum up with and a Cam changes direction of energy.

The logos on the front and back covers symbolize the Year 2020 Initiative. We have the strategy for this to launch the next major sustainable growth industry.

Success is assured, using the Rand Corporation’s Delphi Process (described after the last page of this Executive Summary.)

This is an invitation to explore being one of the fortunate fifty organizations that will have the benefits listed below for pledging to launch the Foundation For Evolving Citizens And Management. A survey such as the one attached will establish what an organization needs to be doing to be an expanding integrityorganization, receiving all the benefits of this new foundation.

We are addressing the reality that eventually without evolving corporate integrity and social responsibility there will be no viable environment, nor customers to do business with!

Therefore, the not for profit association being established, FECAM will ensure that participating organizations thrive and survive in the perilous times ahead.

By necessity, we are establishing the most positive, powerful public relations program possible. This is founded on sound corporate social investing.

(FECAM) Foundation for Evolving Citizens And Management ensures that participating organizations have the following benefits:

The most powerful and effective organizational and health development programs, using a whole systems, organic approach.

This means having the most effective programs for releasing the full potential of employees.

This, along with FECAM providing the most prestigious, powerful PR program possible, This will inspire people to patronize participating organizations , work for these organizations and invest in them.

All will know these organizations because they will display the Good ConscienceSeal of Participation and be spotlighted on the prime time TV program. Working titles are: or "Year2020Vision - Seeing Our Incredible Sustainable Future." Or "Treasuresof our Destiny." ( Title Evolving)

We are establishing the fortunate fifty organizations to launch the creation of The Foundation for Evolving Management.

We are now accepting pledges from organizations desiring to be in the founding group. When fifty organizations are pledged we will formalize our creation with a celebration. Creating a Healthy Profit—New vision and Ethics for Management/

A proprietary strategy follows that will birth the Foundation for Evolving Management and establish a true EPIC public relations program.

In addition to the benefits of this launch of the Foundation For EvolvingCitizens AndManagement, the participating citizens and organizations will have the opportunity to own the next major sustainable growth industry.

Owning the Foundation for a Healthy, Sustainable Profit

Creating the new corporation Abundance Technology Inc.

Intrinsically it will be the greatest growth industry of all time.

It is now well established that the leading organizations of our future will be essence integrity, organic learning organizations.

Relatively speaking, very few organizations have been able to make this transition to profitable sustainability.

Organizations that are not moving forward to be essence integrity, organic learning organizations are consciously or unconsciously choosing to phase out of business.

The FECAM is focused on moving integrity from obscurity to prominence.

This means evolving from organizations designed for obsolescence to organizations that are designed for profitable sustainability.

It is obvious that most companies are coming from ego integrity. This means they operate with greed, money and power as the bottom line.

The results of predominantly ego integrity-driven companies that are operating on win/lose agendas that obviously create losses.

Eventually, all the losses catch up with us. This explains why every major system, from the economy to the ecology, including the family unit, is under self-destruct.

The essence integrity, organic learning organizations, among other things, operate with people and relationships as the bottom line with high priority in creating meaningful, sustainable employment. The ethics of these companies are triple win: We win, they win and our planet wins. These are the triple bottom line companies:

People, Planet and Profit.

History shows that what is most synergistic and symbiotic stays in evolution. Thus, we now embrace unprecedented cooperation.

This is our most powerful creating.

Enlightened Self-Interest

There are now enough corporate leaders with enlightened self-interest toestablish The Foundation For Evolving Citizens And Management.

Getting down to the essence of what is happening, we find that it is about spirituality in business. Companies are being transformed by allowing and even encouraging spirit in business.

With downsizing and globalization, there is a dynamic need to release the potential of employees. Employees are now looking for more than just money. Companies are not just starting to condone new ethics, they are encouraging it, because it opens creativity and promotes stability.

Numerous MBA programs now offer courses on spirituality in the workplace. Many books on workplace spirituality are in bookstores.

There is a growing movement across the country, putting people first and promoting spiritual values in the workplace. This is creating increased productivity and profitability, as well as more fulfilled employees.

This change has been slowly growing for the past twenty years. This is resulting in what I call organic learning organizations taking the place of the old top-down ego organizations that are in self-destruct.

The survivors and thrivers of the difficult times ahead will be the organizations putting people and ethics first in an organic learning structure.

The mission of the non-profit Foundation for Evolving Citizens And Management is to provide the best support possible for profitable, sustainable evolutionby maximizing releasing personal potential.

We now have the technology and programs to accomplish this.


* * * * * * * * * *

Delphi Process

Some innovative people at the Rand Corporation created the Delphi Process. They found that they had good success in predicting the future in business, using this seemingly insignificant process.

The success was in minimizing ego, leaving room for wisdom to come forth.

Simply by circulating anonymous questions and answers, then compiling new input and by mailing it out again and getting new input and revised conclusions, they achieved remarkable success without having to use more than three cycles!

Even with this great success, they concluded that the best way to predict the future was to create it.

The EPIC Opportunity for Our Time

Organizations that are founding participants of The Foundation for EvolvingCitizens AndManagement (FECAM) will have the opportunity to appoint a vice president in charge of diversification who will participate in creating a new company, Abundance Technology Inc. We have the proprietary strategy to fund this mega corporation that can be the leader of social responsibility and profitable sustainability.

From the bottom up or from the top down?

Seven WordMaps TM are in the process of being created that constitute The Ultimate GamePlanfor Love. They create from the bottom up. Our fulfillment is really the process we are in. The Maps are about having the power of this process, which is really just enlightened self-interest. In this process, we will be tapping into the greatest wealth on our planet - the 90% of our potential that is left unutilized.

The foundation for sustainable fulfillment is included in the First WordMap TM, Energis TM - grounding the power of enlightened self-interest.

Now! Taking the big picture from the top

This means embracing our potential that enables us to operate from whole systems thinking and action, despite the fact that we have been programmed to be reductionistic.

The Billion People Niche Market

Markets come and go, as fads come and go, as economic trends come and go. We are more aware of this now because it is all happening a lot faster as the dynamics of communication accelerates.

Following is the proprietary, practical, pivotal action that will launch the next major sustainable growth industry.

By the nature of this new industry, it will most likely dwarf all other growth industries to date.

If we are going to have a positive, prosperous, sustainable future it will result from this new industry that will be made up of organic learning organizations that can build self-sufficient, ecologically, sociologically sustainable villages and clusters of villages to create a new kind of city.

These villages will be built around high-intensity, commercial, organic farming that would have state-of-the-art water and waste reclamation. With a sustainable energy system such as solar power, excess energy and food can be sold to nearby communities.

It is envisioned that the members of the community would own the food and energy businesses and commercial buildings. This is to create practical communities being survival sufficient in food and water and affluent in power and social amenities.

This means bringing together in unprecedented cooperation organizations that are capable of building sustainable communities. By using the attached proposed survey, we will invite participation in creating the final survey. From those identified in this process we can create a small group to receive the improved survey that will identify our core creators.

We have a very powerful bonding process that we can use to support people operating from the power of essence integrity rather than ego integrity.

We will have a major win as soon as we are committed, with the benefit of the Essence Integrity process that taps into the ninety percent of our potential that is dormant.


It is envisioned that the creation of the villages will be a new form of practical experiential higher educational systems.

At Cal Poly-Tech University there is an interdisciplinary program called the Center for Regenerative Studies under the College of Environmental Design.



It is a micro eco-village that houses both students and faculty and demonstrates sustainable technology.

The students and faculty study and demonstrate ecologically sound energy efficiency, such as solar and wind power. One of the most dramatic demonstrations accomplished was the tapping of a nearby dumpsite to pipe out methane gas, which was used to generate electricity for ten thousand homes in Pomona.

They utilize energy-efficient buildings and demonstrate water and waste

reclamation. They even include an organic farming project. It is very complete, as they bring in social and political components evolving all college departments from business and farming to psychology, sociology and the school of architecture.

A vision is to use the creation of FECAM as a catalyst to bring together a community such as San Diego, demonstrating unprecedented cooperation in laying the foundation for the next major growth industry.

Then, all of California can be invited to participate, opening a window of opportunity to the United States and then the World. We can demonstrate California’s Perfect Vision for the Year 2020 by building the community of the future using state-of-the-art sustainable technology. A premier site for this would be beach front property at Camp Penelton.

What is your perfect vision for the Year 2020

and what do you need to create it?

This launches the Year 2020 Vision Initiative.

This pilot ecovillage development could be like a permanent, living, and evolving “World’s Fair” of the future. This would also create a Holistic experiential higher education system participating in building and maintaining.

Once businesses, community organizations, colleges and universities get behind it, the State Government can get involved. A gift of land from the State, County, and Federal Government, or private land donation, could be entertained to build a model to incubate the new industry.

A meeting of California land use planners could identify the best site offered from State, County, Federal or private land that would be donated for the cluster of ecovillages.

When this vision is announced to the world, every state, province and country can be encouraged to create their highest vision for the city of the future to celebrate their perfect vision for Year 2020.

A challenge to countries could be to accomplish building these visionary communities, having their military/industrial complexes participate.

By expanding the military capacity to create war in reverse, we can raise the prestige and pay of the military and provide greater profits for the military/industrial building complex. This will result in having a real Department of Defense, rather than a War Department, as it is now.

We could create Uncle Sam Construction Co. Building Sustainability.

There are going to be a lot of very wealthy organizations building these communities outside every city. Initially, they will miss the really big opportunity. This will be the billion-people niche market, who are those living in such poverty and lack of food and sanitation that twenty thousand are dying every day. That’s too many customers to be losing!

We have everything we need to create nurturing environments for all people. All we need to do now is use our integrity and free our potential.

Abundance Technology, Inc.

This company will capture this greatest opportunity of our time.

We have the strategy for this company to position itself to be the leader in ecological and social solutions by contracting with governments to solve the causes of their problems.

This will result in this company being the leader in Ecological Sustainability and military conversion. This conversion will raise the pay and prestige of the industrial/military complex and assure a prosperous sustainable future.

Bringing together state-of-the-arts in building sustainable communities for the billion people living in poverty will create new markets for sustainable new growth.

You never change things
by fighting the existing reality... To change something...
Build a new model
that makes the existing model obsolete...

Action now is establishing a few organizations to lead the way with the not for profit Health Optimizing Institute and TheTransformation 2000Network, birthing The Foundation for Evol ving Citizens And Management. It will take an organic launching organization to insure success.

This will establish the next major growth industry of contracting organizations that can build ecologically and sociologically sustainable communities.

It is imperative that organizations choosing to be in expanding integrity receive the greatest support possible. We will be able to find the organizations to create this ultimate support in that they will be joining together in FECAM with unprecedented cooperation to birth a sustainable society.

The following list of benefits will insure that people will want to work for participating organizations, invest in them and buy their products.

We will know which organizations to give this ultimate support to because they will display the:

Year 2020 Vision Good Conscience Seal of Participation .


Following is an overview of the benefits of being a Fortunate 500 inaugural member of the Foundation for Evolving Citizens And Management

1. Participate in an unprecedented profound and powerful public relations program that will maximize organizational viability.

2. Participate in creating and ratifying a Charter of Excellence that establishes the organization as being a Leader in social consciousness and in securing a sustainable future for itself and society (Expanding Integrity Management).

3. Ensure that the organization has the most effective, proven organization evolution programs (OE). This is to optimize the health of the organization.

4. Receive the most advanced employee optimal health programs. These include releasing the maximum potential of employees - the foundation for any leading organization.

5. Support in having the most effective employee ethics program. This keeps higher morale.

6. Being showcased on a prime-time TV program, "Year2020Vision -Seeing Our Incredible Future." Or Treasures Of Our Future, or Creating A New Story, The Greatest Story Yet To Be Told. In effect, this will be an infomercial for participating organizations. This show will feature what participating organizations are doing or supporting to create our sustainable future. This will evolve into a Cable business Channel

with participating companies donating 5% of their profit to pivotal

projects that will make up the promotional program aired. (Real Pr.)

The narrator at the beginning and end of the program will say, "Every time you spend a dollar, you are casting a vote. Vote for the organizations that are providing the only insurance policy we know of for a sustainable future. You will know these organizations because they will display the GOOD CONSCIENCE SEAL OF PARTICIPATION.”

7. Participating organizations will have the benefit of displaying the


8. Participating organizations will benefit from joining in unprecedented cooperation in projects that will be featured in the TV show, "Year2020Vision - Our Perfect Vision--Seeing Our Incredible Future."

9. Members will have the prestige of sponsoring and participating in the Intellectual Olympics – “The Wisdom Games.” This will be created by FECAMand the Transformation 2000Network. This will help participating organizations discover and have access to the world’s greatest strategists.

10. The participating organizations will have the prestige of sponsoring the First Priority Fund for pivotal project philanthropy. This is the 5%

of their profit that funds projects to be filmed for the TV Channel.

11. Participating organizations will have the benefit of the most effective

organizational development programs.

12. A major benefit of being a charter member will be having first priority in establishing and owning the conglomerate organization, ABUNDANCE TECHNOLOGY, INC. This is destined to be the next major sustainable growth industry for our world.

This has the potential to be a conglomerate, jointly owned organization that has the ability to build ecologically and socially sustainable communities outside every city.

These can be living ‘world fairs’ of the future for fulfilling living, where people can create their dreams in a sustainable, healthy environment.

We have the knowledge, wisdom, integrity and leadership right here in the United States to do this. All we need is the catalyst to bring us together.

China is initiating major movement in this direction http://www.future500china.org/cn/default.asp

This new industry will have the potential of giving the Department of Defense the added capacity of creating war in reverse. Over 80% of the military is logistics that can be designed to support war and war in reverse.

We can demonstrate that this is the greatest defense and justify the expenditure of the billion dollars a day now spent on obsolete war for creating real sustainable security.

The new name for the military/industrial complex can be the Industrial Security Complex. This can raise the pay and prestige of the military, for they will be adding to the GNP, creating financial security along with security in world friendship. These communities they build would be like Trojan Horses for our Democratic free enterprise system integrating the

Mondragon system for social sustainability. http://www.mcc.coop/ing/subinfo/mapaweb.htm

Year 2020 Vision is now launched

What is your perfect vision for Year 2020?

What do you need networked to you to create it?

Catching your vision of Year 2020 can free our greatest potential and fulfillment .

The attached survey is the catalyst that can bring the

Fortunate 50 organizations together, creating the Foundation For Evolving Management and birthing this new industry.

If you would like to be kept informed about our work, please

fill out and return the attached questionnaire.

If you choose to participate in either or both sections of the survey we will send you a copy of the results of this survey along with an invitation to our inaugural conference on:

Creating A Healthy Profit

Launching The Next Major Sustainable Growth Industry


In your opinion, what characteristics would a company need to be considered as an “EXPANDING INTEGRETY” company? Please check the boxes below and add any qualities you find desirable which have not been mentioned.

Note: Use a scale from 1 to 10 for greater precision.

1 being strongly agree; 10 being strongly disagree.

1. __ Has a clear, concise code of ethics that all employees know and respect.

2. __ Is active in improving the community.

3. __ Provides programs to develop the potential of its employees.

4. __ Supports having a sound ecology.

5. __ Participates in cooperative efforts to establish world peace.

(i.e., "Thou shalt not kill thy customers.")

6. __ Promotes democracy in the workplace.

7. __ Supports the attitude, "If it's bad for the public, it's bad for business."

8. ________________________________________________________

9. ________________________________________________________

10. ________________________________________________________

Please list three companies you feel exemplify the most expanded integrity:



What organizational development consulting program do you feel is the most effective?




__ I would be interested in attending the conference, “Birthing the Next

Major Sustainable Growth Industry.”

__ I would consider being a sponsor or advisor.

__ Please send me a copy of the survey results.

Please complete and return the section below, whether or not you are requesting a copy of the survey results.

Your name: ________________________________

Company: _________________________________

Address: __________________________________


Phone: __________________________________

FAX: _______________________ E Mail: _______________________

Date: _______________________

For a stimulating and creative experience, you can bring together a few of your most respected colleagues and create a joint answer to Part Two of this survey. It is not necessary to participate in part 2 to get a copy of the survey.



The survey results will be published in the revised edition of the

WordMap TM, , “Riding the Wave of Destiny.”


The existing WordMap TM , “Riding the Wave of Wisdom,” is the first pass at answering these questions.


This is available from the Health Optimizing Institute:

P.O. Box 1122, Del Mar, Ca. 92014 (858) 481-7751




For those who would like to create an EPIC or our time: E xtraordinary P innacle I n C reation

E volutionary P rosperity I n Consciousness

The following questions open the conversation for creating a community being an Optimal Health Community and birthing the next major growth industry that can change the self-destructive direction of most of our systems.

1. What is a good name for a campaign whose major goal is to motivate our community to rise to the challenge of the fact that every major system from the economy to our ecology is under self-destruct?

Circle one of the following or create an alternative in the space provided:

A. Creating The Model Optimal Health Community?

  • Creating (community name)being the First Model Sustainable


  • The (community name) Campaign to create sustainable abundance?
  • The campaign to birth the next major growth industry in (community name)
  • Alternative: ____________________________________________

2. What will be the next major growth industry in the world?

A. Programs to release personal potential?

B. Exploring outer space?

C. Developing sustainable technology?

D. The recycling industry?

E. Alternative health care services that are doubling every three or four

years and reached seventeen billion dollars last year?

F. Military conversion services?

G. Non-polluting, non-depleteable energy sources?

  • A communication company that can identify community resources and

provide communication for maximum cooperation?

  • A contracting company that can coordinate the building of

COMMUNITIES that are ecologically and sociologically sustainable,

survival sufficient in organic food, and affluent in clean energy,

social amenities and esthetics?

(For the following questions, please write answer on the space provided. Use back of page or another sheet of paper if more room is needed.)

3. What would make the birthing of the next major growth industry so compelling that it would just about birth itself?




4. How can we engage our financial community into creating innovative

ways to finance the creation of the next growth industry being birthed

in (community name)?




5. Can we successfully create our own currency as many other communities

have? (i.e., Ithaca money, etc.)




6. What can we use to create a catalyst that will bring our communities

together in unprecedented cooperation?




7. What would you name the organization in your community that will launch the next major growth industry?




8. What ideas do you have about how our non-profit and community service

organizations can cooperate in launching the next major growth industry?




9. How can Governments support and promote creating the next major growth industry in your community?




10. How can we motivate and empower the Chamber of Commerce to

participate in launching this new venture?




11. Can we get the Department of Commerce to underwrite funding our total

community involvement in creating the next major growth industry?




12. Who do you think is an inspirational leadership in your community that is

capable of launching the next major growth industry?




13. What questions should be asked in an expanded survey?




14. How can we make this questionnaire survey so compelling that it

virtually births the next major growth industry.




15. What groups and individuals should this survey be coming from?




16. Who should this survey be sent to?




17. Who do you see as the leading authorities in creating sustainable future in the following seven areas:

  • Health, Spirituality and Philosophy



  • Ecology and Agriculture



  • Communications, Media and Education



  • Business and Organizational Evolution



  • Financial Systems and Investment Strategy



  • The Arts and Sustainable Technology



  • Political Systems and Social Consciousness





David J. Harris

Health Optimizing Institute:

P.O. Box 1122, Del Mar, Ca. 92014

(858) 481-7751


With Wisdom Games -
The Olympics of the Mind

FECAM Can Create





VoteWin Communities acknowledge that we are not about seeing
eye to eye.
This is an opportunity to communicate heart to heart.

From this place we will create Triple Win: We Win They Win and our Planet Wins..

Please Participate in the discussion for
Developing the Contract for the First Peoples' Contract President:

1) The Contract arrangements for The Citizens Council, Citizens Congress and Communication Cabinet
2) Restoring our Constitution
3) Election Reform
4) Creating Grassroots Government
5) Creating Social Justice
6) Education
7) Health Care
8) Legal aspects of the Contract
9) The bottom line: We Win; They Win and Our Planet Wins


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