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The Greatest AMAZING
By David J. Harris

Now For Being
Really Relevant and

Rich On Every Level,
From Love In Our Hearts
To Actual Money In Our Pocket.
Yes, Also Rich In Fulfillment.

All We Need To Do Is Act On The Information
Provided At This VoteWin Site,
And We Can Claim Our Wealth
And End Self-destruct In The Process.

You Will Find This Is Most Personal.


You may be amazed to see that we have all the interest and debt free money needed to accomplish

Thomas Jefferson’s Mandate for Government.
"The happiness and prosperity of our citizens
is the only legitimate object of government."

Our Great Good News Documented
Is Discovering:

That “We The People”
Have THE PLAN That
Can Actually Claim Our
Wisdom And Create
Sustainable Prosperity For All.

For “We The People”
Own The Money System.

On December 24th, 1913 “We The People's”
servant elected leaders, without authority,
legislated our money system to a private bank:
The Federal Reserve.


This legislation must now be modified before it
self-destructs, taking us all along with it.
It will not be difficult to substantiate
The Urgency Of This Need




Spend what may be The Most Important one hour and forty-five minutes
you will ever spend spend viewing: America Freedom to Fascism - Google, Five Star Rated
Over 3 million views before Google removed it 5 years ago.


See it here:


"America: Freedom to Fascism"

Be sure to read The American Monetary Institute answer:


Let us flood the Internet and support our community organizations getting this

Greatest Good News Action Out,

which is contained in this VoteWin web site.

Where the money goes it grows.
Where the money is lacking it dies.

“We The People’s” Practical Plan

Positions Us To Enforce our
Constitution and Direct
Where The Money Goes.

What could be more exhilarating and
esteem building than what we can direct
our elected servant leaders to do with all the
interest free, debt free money needed
to honor Thomas
Mandate For Our Elected
Servant Leader Employees.

Let us put in our request for what we want our
Government Elected Servant Leaders to do with our
money, for we can create whatever money needed.


A good place for us to make our requirements
known is at

For a starter, there will be no need for the Fraudulent
Unconstitutional Federal Income Tax.

You will see that eliminating this does not
take away any services from us.

Also, when we buy a home, we would not need
to pay for it two or three times before we owned it because we would pay little or no interest on it.
What has been stolen from us is staggering,
and it is not just money.

In order for us to have a prosperous
economy and life, we can choose
enlightened self interest
and have the best-educated
and healthiest citizens by
providing free holistic education,
preschool through college,
and free health care for all,
focused on prevention.


We have all the debt free, interest free

money needed to accomplish this.


Think about the possibilities:

As you know and have been warned about by President General Dwight Eisenhower, The Industrial Military Complex is consuming us.


War is a Racket By: General Smedley D. Butler
(Racket: a systematized element of organized crime)


In that “We The People” own the money system we can Honor and Raise the Pay of the Industrial Military Complex, giving them the added capacity
to create war in reverse, by creating the cornucopia
of our
Uncle Sam Construction Company.

We will be using state of the art technology to build ecologically, sociologically sustainable villages and clusters of villages to create our sustainable cities
of the future.

Over eighty percent of the military is logistics, that can just as well be applied to construction rather than destruction. War has a limiting potential that is
very messy and hurts on every level.

Starting at home and then reaching out to the world, America can once again
be the light of the world, for
Justice, Liberty and the
Pursuit of Happiness for all.


Now We Break The Media Spell

“We The People”
will only elect leaders

that have a proven
record of upholding our Constitution
and pledge to be
"We The People's"
servant elected leader as provided in
Their Contract: the Constitution
Of The United States of America.

Our leaders must pledge to modify our fraudulent monetary system to provide all the interest free
funding necessary, without borrowing to evolve the
Industrial Military Complex being:
Our Uncle Sam Construction Company.
With Dividends being paid to“We The People".

What more practical enlightened self-interest
thing could we be doing?

"We The People's" Practical Plan
you will know how to get the money.
I am sure you will have ideas about
how to best spend it.

For Giving Your Suggestions Go To

Send This Good News Far and Wide
And We Will Elect Our
First Contract “We The People’s”
President, and then Congress.


William Jennings Bryan said, "When we have restored the money of the constitution, all other necessary reforms will be possible, but until this is done,
there is no other reform that can be accomplished."


"If the American people knew tonight,
exactly how the monetary and banking system worked, there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."

- Abraham Lincoln

To have the wisdom and wealth of our Heritage
We must acknowledge that only “We The People”
can save our elected servant leaders from the
treasonous political system we have inherited,
that has resulted in the self-destruct
direction we are going in.

URGENT NOW –Must See Scorecard for the Constitution
The Globalization of War: Road map to World War III

The process one must go through to get elected
totally disqualifies most candidates
from representing “We The People”
in that they are owned by the oligarchy
that has us all in self-destruct.
The exception is some that are not
front runners.

To Claim Our Wisdom And Wealth,
Or Just To Stay In Evolution,
We Must Restore
Enlightened Self-Interest
Embrace Self-Integrity
in our Political System
Our Monetary System
In That Order.

We Accomplish Both

Voice Of The Enlightened Is Voice Of The Earth

World Integrity Now


"You never change things by fighting the existing reality... To change something...Build a new model that makes
the existing model obsolete
..." - Buckminster Fuller

Thus we evolve the Industrial Military Complex, that
is destroying us, into our Uncle Sam Construction Complex, that can create sustainable prosperity.


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