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League Of Voter



Seeking a Coalition Of Community
Organizations Choosing
a Personal Approach to Claiming
the Wisdom and Wealth of Our Constitution.

League Of Voter Empowerment

What is more important for us
to attend to than LOVE?

Providing what is missing.
“Whatever America hopes to bring to pass in the world
          must first come to pass in the heart of America.                                     President General Dwight David Eisenhower
The last word of President General Eisenhower’s going out of office speech was LOVE. In this spech he warned us about our Military Industrial Complex . Reading his speech brought tears to my eyes.

               This is a call for Celebration and Coalition for our governance
                               with members of our humanitarian
                               including our religions and businesses                                       

We will prosper or parish determined

by the Government we have.

The Government we have is being
determined by
politics that are
putting Political Considerations before
Legal and Moral considerations

You may have noticed that this
has us in self-destruct?


Thus, what is more important than
Socializing for Social Responsibility ?

This truly does determine
if we prosper or parish.

Government is about Social Responsibility


If we are to have a future we must put easy
ESI into political systems and government.
This is Enlightened Self-Interest with us all
Embracing Self-Integrity.

Taking responsibility is promoting
Informed Secure Voting to see to it that we
ESI political system and candidates.

God knows we desperately need
great Empowerment in informed voting.
Thus We Create The

League Of Voter


Politics has such a bad name,

no wonder people do not participate.

Thus we support establishing
ESI voting process
and support citizens in identifying
Enlightened Self-Interest candidates
that are Embracing Self-Integrity.

The purpose of LOVE
is for us to evolve our
political system to insure that

“We the People”

are relevant again and take active

Responsibility For Our Governance,
requiring that the best of us
are our servant elected leaders.

We are seeing and can’t hide from the reality
of our corrupt political system destroying
our Constitution.
Only about 10% of the people
know that our Constitution is

“We The Peoples”
Contract With Our Servant Elected Leaders.

The Crimes Against Us by Our Government
Are Beyond Belief.

The Benefits of Restoring
Our Constitution
Are Absolutely Amazing

as shown at this web site

Greatest Good News Action

To have the benefit we must fully
claim our self esteem.

"To claim our full self esteem means having decisive political will to be governed with servant leaders that are embracing enlightened self interest.

Political will means unprecedented political coalition promoted by the members of all conscious organizations."

-David J. Harris 

This Initiative

is supporting organizations
that are
promoting social
responsibility in our governance.
If we prosper or parish, it will
be determined by actions
of these organizations

We can no longer afford
politics or business as usual.

LOVE is founded on the awareness
that every major system in our society
is under Self-destruct as a result
of lack of informed voter participation
in our governance.



that“We The People” now have the

communicating ability to establish the
informed voter participation that is
required for a
Sustainable Prosperous Society


Lack of informed voter participation is
seen by the fact that citizens have
given up voting, or never voted
because they do not think it makes
any difference if they vote or not.


It is no secret that most of those that
get elected do not govern with
Enlightened Self Interest
and are not
Embracing Self Integrity.


On some level we all know that in order
to get elected one must be the servant
of the corporations, not the required

servant elected leaders
of “We The People

We are now experiencing that corporate
control of social responsibility will not create
a Socially Responsible, Sustainable Society.


This is due to the requirement of a

Corporation bottom line to make
money for the stockholders.
The push for profits in the next
quarter eliminates the wisdom of
long-range environmental and
socially sustainable action.

Short-sited actions are required
for maximizing profits now


The League Of Voter Encouragement is
a not for profit evolving initiative
promoting informed voter participation.


We are promoting the research
to make it easy for citizens
to identify candidates that are running
for public office that are demonstrating

that they are ESI candidates.

Enlightened Self Interest
Embracing Self Integrity


Should Also Promote

Political and


We cannot continue voter resignation
and allowing political considerations
being put before moral and legal
considerations, for it will destroy us all

Thomas Jefferson said:
"The happiness and prosperity of our citizens

is the only legitimate object of government."

President Abraham Lincoln, Nov. 21, 1864, Stated:

"I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. As a result of the war, corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed."

One way or another we must
create the benefits of
League Of Voter Encouragement

“We The Peoples Practical Plan”


A primary focus is to support
participating community organizations
having more members and vitalizing
existing members for greater
participation and fulfillment.

There are also major plans for
funding these vital organizations.


This is about creating a
First Priority Fund
At Our Community Foundations
Or Universities

Then Focus on Grants

This can be in conjunction with a major
focus of LOVE to provide the

Ambassadors For Community
Preparedness Initiative.

Urgent Action
Voice Of True Emergency

Vital Participation

This is the Foundation.

First Connect with or Create
Your Local Community Coalition
Establishing Voting Integrity

Here you can find groups to work with
. Voting Integrity Groups

Bring Groups Together
Clean Elections Clean Money 


Let Us End Divide And Conquer.
Invite All Community Organizations
And Businesses
Create your Community Coalition

And Participate In

"We The People's"
Practical Plan




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