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Victory with Visionaries

Our Greatest Fulfillment
Together embracing our full integrity

You are invited to play at what
 ever level that fulfills you.

There are three ways to participate:

1. Number one is open for your creative ideas of how you would like to socialize for social responsibility.

2. Second is to ground our vision of a Wisdom World. This is choosing to be a Co-Creator of by being on a team in your community that is visiting your neighbors and getting their commitment to come alive and participate in the Neighborhood Ambassador for Preparedness program. Getting Started

One plan can be coordinating students at card tables at markets, shopping centers and events, distributing material from the Care Package for Prosperity and Peace.  This consists of Voter Registration forms, VoteWin buttons and - brochures, and booklets revealing our Constitutional Crises and showing how we can all embrace the Wealth and Wisdom of our American Heritage.

3.  The Third way to participate is to embrace #1 and #2 and also be a County or Community Ambassador creating an Integrity Circle support group for carrying out one and two and each person choosing to create the support for self and the group to release full potential.                                                                        

Together we are inviting ourselves and others to come out
of the closet and embrace
our enlightened self.  

oice Of The Enlightened  
World Integrity Now


This is about having the amazing power of radical self-responsibility
connecting with those in our communities that are waiting  for an
invitation to play at the level of their essence greatness

All of this is about doing the most practical relevant thing we can be doing and that is being the plan that is birthing
The Age of Compassion and Wisdom

by living it now



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