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Creating Our First Citizens Contract President

As the Foundation for Creating
Our First Citizens Contract Government

This is not about creating another political party.

This initiative is about creating grassroots participatory responsive government. We will promote and elect the first candidate running for president in the Democrat or Republican Party who signs the Contract to be our First Citizens Contract President. If more than one Presidential candidate signs the Contract those participating in creating the contract will vote to determine who gets our support and funds.


It is envisioned that students and others will take positions in front of markets and shopping centers in every community registering voters and providing information about our Constitutional Crisis. This will consist of handing out Vote Win buttons, brochures and booklets for a small donation.  To provide material for this action A Care Package for Peace and Prosperity is being developed.  This is a Care Package for us all.

You can further understand our win when you read the invitation going out to  national leaders


First Draft of letter First Citizen's Contract President:

November 3rd, 2007

Dear Organization President or Leader (personal letter to each leader),

This is our greatest invitation. This developed from a Transformation 2000 exercise, in which we wrote down what the greatest invitation we could receive would look like. We found that it is an invitation to have functional connections at the highest levels.

This meant having personal contact with the President of the United States, for establishing national priorities for EPIC social progress.

We now extend this invitation to you that provides you a basis for more direct political influence by selecting and participating to a greater extent with the next president of the United States.

Your participation in establishing the attached contract for our First Citizen's Contract President will put you on the next President of the United States Contract Council, Citizens Congress or Communication Cabinet.

The goal is to restore our Constitution and establish participatory responsive government of, for and by, all the people—rather than—of, for and by those who have the most money to own our government.

Acknowledging our urgent need for integrity in government, our pledge is to support you having maximum empowerment, as well as political impact through your position on the First Citizens Contract President's Council, Citizens Congress or Communication Cabinet. Enclosed is the third pass of the contract for The First Citizens Contract President, which will be sent to all national service organizations that includes unions and religions for our collective design of the contract.

We have already received feedback on the breadth of this contract. Some advise that we should not try to accomplish too much with the First Citizens Contract President in order to increase the odds of our success.

Thus, it was recommended that the sole focus of the President's contract should be on strategy and executive orders to fully establish grassroots participatory government while restoring our Constitution.

However, it is felt that the initial pass of this contract should remain broad and detailed in order to identify the major issues beyond Constitutional restoration. This will give us vital material for future contracts.

We greatly appreciate the time you are taking to review this proposal. Please write thoughts or changes you would like to see incorporated in the second circulating of the enclosed contract.

To expedite this process, if we do not have your input to the attached contract and initiative within three weeks, we will invite another leader from your organization to be on The First Citizens Contract President's Council or Citizens Congress.


In Dedication to Integrity and Restoring our Constitution,

(Signed) By those voted to be on
The First Citizens Contract Council


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