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What is:

Complementary U.S.A.
Government on the Internet?

In the process of all of us establishing

Grass Roots Governance through the Internet with
voting capacity, it will not be an impossible stretch
creating this being a viable complementary govern for
"We the People"

Our Work is not wasted, for at a
minimum we will create an
evolving virtual reality governance.

(Virtual…being such in essence or effect though not formally recognized or admitted)

We are living in the Age of Communication
that is fast becoming the Age of Consciousness.

This can result in our now Age of Communication and Consciousness birthing Our Next Age being

The Age of Compassion and Wisdom.

We know where the money is to create this and we
know how to get it and use  it for a Triple Win.
The monetary system is
about to collapse.
We can create the new

We Win, They Win, our Earth Wins.

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